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      1. Chromaline Emulsion
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Dynamesh Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of Japan's NBC Meshtec Inc., a top tier manufacturer of the highest quality screen printing mesh. In addition, Dynamesh sources the finest quality screen printing supplies and equipment, making it a one-stop-shop for all your screen printing needs.


  • Our next tradeshow

    We make it a point to attend every SGIA Expo, and this year is no exception. We will be exhibiting next at SGIA 2014 in Las Vegas. Please make plans to drop by and see us. We're definitely looking forward to it!


  • Improve Your Electronic Printing with V-Screen

    What is "V-Screen?" VECRY: Hybrid Super Fiber V-Screen is woven with VECRY, an innovative hybrid super fiber with unique construction and characteristics, as shown here.. VECRY is a thermotropic liquid crystal polymer, crystallized at a specific temperature and stabilized after the spinning process, as illustrated in the schematic diagram. This is the secret behind the outstanding physical properties and performance of V-Screen. How can V-Screen improve my electronic printing? Superior...